Elevator Modernization

When it comes to how Right Way Elevator performs a modernization, we feel it is important to do a complete job as this will give our customers the best results and an elevator that will take them through another thirty to forty years of service. A complete modernization includes the following:

  • New micro processor based non-proprietary controller
  • New submersible pumping unit, includes a new motor, pump, valve, oil, piping and optional muffler
  • New door operator ( an MOVFR2, closed loop, variable voltage variable frequency operator with non-propriety software and on board diagnostics )
  • All New car and hoist-way door equipment, includes a car door header and track, all new hoist-way door tracks, all new hanger rollers, interlocks, car gate switch, pickup rollers, clutch and car door restrictor, all new door gibs and fire retainers
  • All New wiring including hoist-way wire and travel cable
  • New solid state leveling system with absolute floor encoding
  • New car operating panel
  • All New hall fixtures with fire pictograph engraved
  • New hall position indicator
  • All New hoist-way Braille jamb markers

This will provide our customers an elevator that operates as well as when it was new. Some companies will leave out parts of this such as the door equipment to provide a lower price. Throughout the elevator industry, door related problems account for 90% of shutdowns requiring a callback. Remember each time someone rides the elevator the doors have to open twice and close twice. Unless it has been recently replaced, thirty to forty years is a lot of wear on the equipment.

We can also provide new doors, a new car interior, or a complete new cab upon request from the customer. We will provide this service to our customers at the very best price we possibly can. For our customers with multiple elevators we receive discounts from our suppliers which we happily pass on to you.

Some elevator companies will not replace the pumping unit in a modernization, and many older pumping units are an older style and technology known as “dry units” in which the hydraulic oil tank is mounted directly above a dry pump, motor, valve and muffler. When these older “Dry units” leak, they do so directly over the dry motor and pump, often times causing the belts to loose traction and slip resulting in an elevator shutdown or callback, not to mention make a mess of elevator hydraulic fluid on the machine room floor. Right Way Elevator prefers to use a newer style and technology for our pumping units known as “Submersible units”. The new submersible unit is self contained. If the pump or the valve leak you don’t have to worry about oil getting outside the equipment room. By not replacing a pumping unit on a modernization, it would be equivalent to buying a new car and having an old transmission installed.

We look forward to working for YOU in the future.  Please contact us at any for the numbers or email addresses listed on the Contact Us page and let us provide you with the maintenance and service you have been looking for.