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Who Can Repair My Elevator?


Building owners and managers have many important concerns. No doubt somewhere near the top of that list is the safety and maintenance of your property. 

While it’s important to have access to a well-rounded maintenance staff, there are certain elements of your building that require additional special care and attention to detail – not least of which are your elevators. When your elevator system malfunctions, it causes slowdowns for the entire building and compromises the safety and traffic flow of your tenants and guests. 

Having consistent and safe elevator operations in your building is paramount, so how do you determine who can provide reliable servicing?

Proprietary vs. Non-Proprietary Equipment

You may have heard your service provider use the terms “proprietary” or “non-proprietary” regarding your elevator equipment. It’s important to understand the difference and how each can affect your building operations.

Proprietary essentially means that the manufacturer owns the rights to the elevator, its components and servicing, limiting your choice of service providers and access to available parts, because the manufacturer may claim that only their technicians, using exclusive parts, tools and diagnostic equipment, can work on your elevator. 

As an American Elevator Group company, we specialize in non-proprietary equipment, which gives you the freedom to choose your service provider moving forward. You’ll have many more options for maintenance and repair because a reputable independent service company will be able to perform work on any brand of elevator without special equipment or personnel.

Access to A Huge Inventory

Something you might be asking yourself is how someone other than the original equipment manufacturer can acquire parts for a specific brand(s) of elevator? 

No need to worry! Independent service companies get parts from the same distributors the manufacturers use. There is a comprehensive network of resellers and distribution companies that supply replacement parts for any elevator brand. So, when your elevator needs parts, regardless of the manufacturer, an independent company who specializes in non-proprietary service can get them. Simple! 

Take Ownership of Your Elevators

The biggest benefit behind non-proprietary equipment is that you can determine who works on your elevators. It’s not unlike servicing your car or truck, where you can find a lot of reputable shops who can provide excellent service without having to rely on the manufacturer. 

This fact alone gives you the ability to choose your right service partner and work with them to plan all ongoing maintenance programs, repairs, modernizations and new installations, without having to worry about the manufacturer dictating your service cycle. 

So, when it comes to the question of who can repair your elevator, the choice is yours. 

We’re Here to Help! 

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