Elevator Preventative Maintenance

It seems an unfortunate trend in the elevator industry lately, that less elevator preventative maintenance is being performed by many of the elevator service providers.  As a result, many building owners and property management firms suffer and are seeing an increased number of unscheduled elevator shutdowns or “callbacks”.  Many of the elevator service providers charge and bill their customers for these “callbacks” and end up paying for more of a callback contract rather than a proactive elevator preventative maintenance program.  A lack of proper preventative maintenance also results in a reduction in the length of useful life that many of the elevator parts and components are designed to last.  Because of this trend, myself (Ryan Coley) and John Giguere decided to open our own elevator company with our business model to perform superior and monthly elevator preventative maintenance for customers who are interested in having their elevators maintained properly and safely.

As two professionals with many years and knowledge in the elevator industry, John and I both agree that it is still possible to perform the highest quality of maintenance and do it for a reasonable and fair price.

Experience the Difference

At Right Way Elevator Maintenance, we specify that we will clean, service, adjust and maintain your elevators on a monthly basis (1 hour duration per visit).

Many other elevator service providers often shirk the issue of frequency of actual on-site maintenance by using verbiage in their contracts like “periodically and systematically examine the elevator equipment.” It is also common for some of our competitors to simply not state how many times elevator maintenance will be performed over the course of one year.

Many elevator companies have gone to quarterly or periodic service. At Right Way Elevator Maintenance, we feel that to properly maintain an elevator it must be performed on a monthly basis. That is what we offer. Elevators are a machine that moves people and for this reason needs to have inspections and adjustments on a regular scheduled basis. Upon receiving your signed maintenance agreement we will schedule a team of our personnel to come to your property where they will perform the following maintenance:

  •  Clean the entire elevator system from the top of the hoist-way to the pit
  • Everything that requires lubrication will be done to manufacturer’s specification
  • All door-related equipment will be adjusted to make sure the doors operate properly and cause as few shutdowns as possible
  • As we perform this thorough cleaning of the equipment, it will allow us to find the part that need adjustment as well as those on the critical edge of failure. Finding these parts will allow us to replace them before they fail and cause a shutdown of the elevator, requiring a callback.
  • From this point on, we will continue to perform this type of maintenance on a monthly basis to ensure future reliability.

We look forward to working for YOU in the future.  Please contact us at any of the numbers or e-mail addresses listed on the Contact Us page and let us provide you with the maintenance and service you have been looking for.