Why Choose Right Way Elevator?

Why Choose Right Way Elevator?

Right Way Elevator provides the highest quality elevator repair services available on Florida’s west central coast, including Tampa, Orlando and the surrounding areas. As an experienced elevator service company, our sole mission is to provide dependable, monthly elevator maintenance services and superior elevator modernizations for each of our customers.

Monthly Elevator Maintenance

We know that some elevator service companies don’t always offer monthly service options. We also know that their time on site can be limited – sometimes a half hour or less. At Right Way Elevator, our preventative maintenance contracts clearly state the frequency of our visit schedule and the amount of time we will actually spend performing our services on-site. Our monthly elevator maintenance program has proven to be highly successful in helping clients identify potential problems early, avoiding inconveniences and expensive repairs that may result from elevator malfunctions.

Elevator Modernization & Repair

Right Way Elevators can also help you achieve your elevator modernization goals with our advanced modernization techniques. With attention to every detail, we help you consider product effectiveness as well as long-term reliability. We offer a complete range of product lines to choose from, and coordinate our planning with your building’s demands to ensure a successful project at a discounted price compared to our competition.

Whether you’re moving passengers, freight or merchandise, we understand that your elevator is one of the most important features of your commercial building. Our team of specialists provide repairs for any type of elevator: gearless, traction, or hydraulic. We also carry replacement parts for all brands and are a preferred repair vendor for multiple government entities, theme parks, schools, condominiums and hospitals.

Right Way Elevators is dedicated to providing each and every one our customers with the highest level of service. Call us today at 727-686-6955 and get your elevator serviced the Right Way!

Elevator Phone Monitoring

We are excited to be partnering with Kings III Emergency Communications for our customer’s elevator phone monitoring needs and are a proud supporter of their services. Kings III has been providing complete, compliant and affordable emergency phone solutions for elevators, poolside, stairwells, parking areas and more for nearly three decades, monitoring more than 50,000 help phones across the U.S. Their solution includes equipment, installation, maintenance and 24/7 professional emergency monitoring.

Key differentiators include their smart line seizure technology and cellular technologies both of which eliminate costly dedicated emergency phone lines. They also digitally record and store all calls, providing an invaluable risk mitigation service should a dispute ever arise. These benefits coupled with advanced emergency medical dispatch operator training allow Kings III to reduce risk, liability and costs for our customers.

They are truly working to make above and beyond the new standard in emergency response at multifamily and commercial buildings across the United States and we believe this is a worthwhile service in sharing with our customers.